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Established in 2001, the company Eliezer from Lunca Ilvei, gives 100% natural cheese, from cow's milk. Cows raised in a remote mountain region unspoiled by pollution, milk collection and the technological processes used, ensure ecological composition of raw materials and high quality of our products.

The above statements based on the opportunities offered by our locality and its surroundings:

  • Lunca Ilvei commune spans on approximately 9121 ha in the north-eastern part of the County of Bistriţa Năsăud, at Ilva River springs;
  • The commune's territory is made up of a relief particularly varied, comprising: mountains, knolls and meadows. Lowland form of relief of the settlement, bordered by mountain peaks on all sides, confer the beauty of the village, unpolluted air and pastures;
  • The predominantly hilly terrain-mountains, which covers a level difference of almost 800 m (between 580 and 1467 m altitude), is covered by a vegetation leveled according to height-from deciduous and coniferous forests to meadows grazing fields;
  •  The mountains and hills have been used in ancient times for grazing, the diversity of grasses and lack of pollution ensuring milk qualities.


Our products are marketed in various hypermarkets and supermarkets in the country. We are open to new collaborations with the grocery stores, restaurants, pizzerias etc.


2001 - we started production of cheese having a capacity 3000 l processing of milk/day;
2002 - we've diversified range of products (cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream) and processing capacity increased to 5000 l milk/day;
2004-2006 - we made the expansion and modernization of the factory by a SAPARD project, so the current processing capacity is 14.000-18.000 l/day, and milk products that we offer are: cheese, feta cheese, melted cheese, sour cream and bellows. Also, the milk is collected in tanks equipped with own cooling-the towns of neighboring mountain, then is shipped from the factory with its own tanks;
2006-we have implemented an integrated quality management system-HACCP according to the standards SR EN ISO 9001:9002 and ISO 22000:2005;
2007-09-we have expanded our product range by adding the following to the existing assortment: mozzarella, cheese and smoked cheese Penteleu Meadow.
2011-2015-the construction and equipping of a new milk processing factories.
I have also expanded and modernized the fleet equipped with various cargo transportation capacity so that we can ensure the distribution of our products throughout the country.


Woodworking machinery equipment factory:

  • Milk reception

-reception station
storage tanks-milk Cap. 15000 l

  • Production hall

b) cheese manufacturing Line consists of:
-automatic valve for the production of cheese, cover. 6500 l
-automatic press for cheese
c) line to obtain cheese cottage includes:
-4 închegare valves, lid. 1800 l
-conveyor belt for blokforme
-întorcator for blokforme
-washing machine shapes
d) plant for the production of cream and yogurt:
-valves for the ageing plant for batching in containers and for termostatare.
e) Valve for making cheese.

  • Urdire room

-Giorgos floculator and CASS for pressing.

  • Saramurare

Saramurare pools for cheese and fermented cheese.

  • Maturation

Shelves for storage, air-conditioning system with controlled temperature and humidity
Storage in 2 warehouses and storage refrigeration freezing.

  • Melted cheese room and bellows

-the molten cheese plant (boat + clipsator)
-masher, mixer, Spritzer, clipsator

  • Scalding room-cheese formation

-aggregate formation in cheese
-shelves, shapes

  • Packing room

-vacuum packing machines
-baxat machine


-properly equipped for the distribution of milk products;
-tanks for the transport of milk.


The milk is collected from producers in several places in Bistriţa Năsăud
-Ilvelor Valley and the Valley of the Someşul CALD River
-the special collection centres and equipped with cooling pools.

Transport of the milk is made with the specialized tanks equipped with reception, filtering and cleansing milk.


We ensure our products reach distribution County Bistriţa Năsăud at hypermarkets, supermarkets, restaurants and pizzerias in the country.
Along with the equipment and the quality of the raw material in the quality of our products and experience their word, professionalism and hard work of our employees.


Telefon:+40-726-774617, +40-760-241745